Making Parents’
Lives Easier

Dribble bib with integrated dummy strap to stop dummys and teethers being dropped. Highly absorbent, made from bamboo fabric

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Double Dribble Clip-It

Keeping Comfort Close

Two hidden wiping layers of super absorbent, baby-safe bamboo fabric keep your little one dry all day. Never drop their dummy or teether again! Our easily-adjustable, integrated attachment strap means that comfort is always close at hand.

What Our Customers Say

"I thought the bib was about saving clothes... it's not... it's protecting your sanity! Catches everything so you don't have to spend 20 minutes cleaning floor or burning the highchair!"

Verified Amazon Customer

"The BiBADO was exactly what I've been searching for. The Adjustable sleeves were's good to know we can lengthen them as he grows"

Kirsty - Independent Bizzie Baby Reviewer

"My husband was very sceptical until 10 mins ago when he didn't have to do the usual tidy up routine! Fab product and saves us so much time and mess!!"

Florence's mum

Bibado Coverall Weaning Bib

Your Coverall feeding bib is lightweight, comfortable and waterproof, with long sleeves, making it the ideal smock for messy weaning mealtimes. Now you can feed your little one, whilst keeping them clean and dry from the first bite of weaning until they're eating like a grown-up!

Double Dribble Neckerchief Bib

The, super absorbent, multi-layered Double Dribble bib is the only neckerchief dribble bib that will last all day, looking great...because bibs have to handle more than just dribble!

Double Driddle Clip-It Neckerchief Bib

Two hidden layers of super absorbent, baby-safe bamboo fabric keep your little one dry all day. Never drop their dummy ar teether again! Our easily-adjustable, intergraded attachment strap means that comfort is always close at hand.

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About Us

Making Parents' Lives Easier

We help parents save time, eliminate hassle and reduce stress. We aim to make a deference in the world by giving back to the people who need it most as well as positively contributing to a sustainable future and impacting parents' lives all over the world.

Tribe & Tested

90+ meal ideas to make your life easier. With full recipes and pictures all made by busy parents. 

Weaning Essentials

For a smooth transition into the World of Food. These essentials will make life with a weaning baby just that little bit easier.

How BiBADO Began

The BiBADO brand began back in February 2011 with the invention of a problem-solving product; our original Coverall weaning bib. Thought up by our Founder Rachel after failing, no matter how hard she tried, to keep her identical twin girls clean during the weaning process, this game-changing product is what BiBADO is best known for.

Since then BiBADO has designed more innovative products and grown into an international team.

Our aim is to make parents lives that little bit easier all over the world, while creating a truly exceptional work environment for our team and never compromising on environmental or business sustainability.

Our dream is that if we can grow this well enough, we may even show other businesses that parents can enjoy equal fulfilment from both their professional and family lives if you provide them with the support and flexibility to do so. Fingers crossed!