BIBaDO Community.. here's how we are supporting YOU.

We want to feature your positivity on our social platforms and our website!

In light of the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we are looking to support you, uplift you, inspire you and make you smile. The best way to accomplish this is through community!

That means we not only want to provide you with ideas - we want to share YOUR ideas, YOUR content, and the ways YOU are staying positive and helping others. No BIBaDO required!

As you know, our entire brand is based around "Making Parents' Lives Easier".

Here at BIBaDO we are parents too, and parenting can be isolating on its own - without adding in mandated isolation!

We see the articles on isolation, tips on hand washing and memes on toilet roll shortage - but we've been asking ourselves: how can we help to stay positive?

The answer? Community!

And though we can't hand you a roll of toilet paper ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿงป ..we CAN share ideas on how to cope, uplifting stories, fun activities to do with our kids, recipes with very few ingredients, good deeds, and everything positive and fun in between.

As BIBaDO cheerleaders and supporters, you have become part of the BIBaDO family and we would love for you to help us get this community off to a great start!

You can join in by tagging @bibado and using the hashtag #bibadocommunity for any and all of your positive ideas, stories, crafts, recipes, tips and tricks.

We are so much stronger together and we will get through this united! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Love from the BIBaDO Team xx