Piccolo: Fuel Little Adventures with Piccolo Organic Foods

Great days are always fuelled by great food. Piccolo makes healthy (and very tasty) baby meals and snacks to help you get the balance right every day. Made by a family who know what growing families are like.

• Don’t panic, we’re organic

• With no added sugar or salt

• Developed by experts in child nutrition

• Suitable for tiny food critics from 6 months+ upwards

Piccolo’s Story So Far

Like many good stories, it all began around the kitchen table.

Meet Piccolo’s founder, Cat. She didn’t have to sit down and learn about food. The roots of what she knows about feeding a family she picked up at the kitchen table as a little girl…

Thanks to Cat’s charity sector background, supporting families is second nature. Providing children with a healthy start in life has always been at the core of the brand. Her daughter Juliet arriving on the scene set Cat and her husband Max on the path wholesome and sustainable food for babies and kids. Cat partnered up with her co-founders Alice Fotheringham – infant nutritional specialist – and Kane O’Flaherty – creative director – to develop Piccolo’s recipes and design.

As we grow, quality ingredients and delicious food are always central to what we do. In fact, we regularly catch up over the dinner table to ensure we’re delivering the right balance in everything we do.

Piccolo’s Health & Nutrition: Our core beliefs are Balance, variety, and eating together.

Meet Alice Fotheringham, Piccolo’s Infant Nutrition Specialist. Frankly, anything Alice doesn’t know about food probably isn’t worth knowing. From fruit farm roots to nutritional chef to baby food expert, we know we’re in good hands with Alice. When Cat met Alice, they bond over their love of food (obviously) and realised Piccolo just had to happen.

Many lifelong eating behaviours develop during the first years of life. It is through actual experiences with food and watching the eating behaviours of others that children learn about what they want, and how much they want to eat. Weaning is very much about introducing your baby to a wide variety of tastes and textures in the first few months. They are still getting the majority of their nutrients at this stage, and more about giving your baby a wide variety of foods.

Vegetables & Fruit

We all know that a rainbow of different fruit & veg is good for our families. Check out how we source our quality ingredients.

Above all, variety....

Let’s face it, your little food critic isn’t going to like everything you feed them. Don’t stress it. Focus on feeding them a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, pulses and meats and the rest should fall into place.

Giving Back

At Piccolo, our mission is to help local families provide their children with the best start in life: one child, one family and one meal at a time.

We envision a world where all families have access to all the essentials for their growing family. Over the last 2 years Piccolo has donated over 250,000 baby meals to charities helping those who need it most. This year we are working with City Harvest and Little Village.

City Harvest

City Harvest is a charity fighting food waste in London by saving meals and giving them to those who need them most. They deliver more than 16,000 meals each month to playgroups, homework clubs, sports activities, cookery courses, mentorship – and the list goes on! All their food donations go towards programmes that help give kids the chance to gain confidence and skills.

Little Village

Little Village is a London-based charity that helps provide much-needed donations and resources to families across the city who need it most. Little Village is like a foodbank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five to ensure that children from across the area have their basic needs met.

Caring for the Planet

• Piccolo launched the UK’s 1st Bio based baby food pouch. This means that it is made up of 80% plant-derived materials, rather than petroleum, which is more sustainable than standard plastic!

And we’ve just announced that Piccolo is becoming the first baby food brand in Europe to launch a 100% recycle baby food pouch. Alongside this innovative product, Piccolo will launch a campaign to educate consumers on recycling and empower them to become the engine of change themselves. (more details to come!)

• We are now a carbon neutral company

We are offsetting our annual carbon footprint by supporting the Clean Drinking Water project in Uganda. We also help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as combating poverty and improving living conditions in emerging and developing nations. So far, we have offset all the carbon related to our company activities, and we are actively working towards offsetting the carbon used to produce our yummy products in order to become the UK’s first carbon neutral baby food brand. Baby steps, big leaps.

• Always organic & sustainably sourced

We source our ingredients from family farms wherever possible