A letter written for my Son, Roo, on his 2nd Birthday.

Happy Birthday our little Roo Bear!

Your second year seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. What a beautiful little human you’re becoming. You fill me with such overwhelming love each day with all your little ways. You’re such a busy little character, always going about your day and happily contented with entertaining yourself. Which is such a blessing!

You’re such a loveable, squishy baby and this past year has been my absolute favorite of yours so far. Your second year has seen you take your first steps, stop breastfeeding, begin to talk, show true likes & dislikes for activities etc. Build the most incredible two way bond with your siblings. Begin showing a real understanding & interest in the World around you & make your own friendships.

I still look at you and your siblings & can’t believe you’re mine. We are so blessed to have such a brilliant trio of babies, all of you now becoming unique individuals. Seeing the bond you have developed together really fills me such pride. Your uncontrollable giggling at your brother’s silly antics or the squeal you let out whenever your sister gets home. The way you imitate their every move, wanting to be just like them, really makes me feel lucky.

The biggest change in you this year has to be your new found ability to communicate with us. One of your very first words was ‘brother’ I couldn’t believe it when you came out with it. Before that you’d only ever said ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ & ‘Hello’. Then one morning I lifted you out of your cot and said ‘shall we go and find your brother?’ and you said ‘brother’. Ewan was beaming as you pointed to him and repeated ‘brother’.

We’ve had such a busy year, so much has been going on. I have changed jobs this year and your routine has totally changed due to this. I’m at home so much more than before and I get to spend precious time with you, just the 2 of us, I absolutely love this time alone with you because I notice so much about you that goes unnoticed when everyone is at home.

Your personality is really beginning to develop now and you really are so much like me. You’re so contented & happy, just on your own, happy to be left to do your own thing. You’re quiet, calm, smiley & will always go with the flow without any fuss. Although that being said just lately you’ve been making it very clear when you don’t agree with how things are and will put on the biggest sulky face to let us know.

One of the hardest challenges I’ve faced during your 2nd year is having to leave you & your siblings to travel with work. Before this Summer I’d never left you (other then during the working day). I found leaving you for the first time incredibly tough, I cried a lot!! But you didn’t shed a single tear the whole time. You took to the changes so much better then I, it really gave me the push I needed to be the same and just throw myself into this new way of life.

I remember seeing you after the first time I’d been away, you took one look at me and burst into floods of tears. You spent the next few hours refusing to come near me. I really felt like I’d made the wrong decision to leave you. But as you came round to the idea of me being back, you ran over to me and threw yourself at me, holding me so tightly. Since then I’ve been away so many times and each time you just roll with it & once I’m back home you don’t even blink an eye, & we all just carry on like before.

You & your siblings have taught me so much this year and for that I have a lot to thank you all for. Each day you grab hold and take to everything in life in a way that every human being should embrace too, with pure joy, determination and wonderment of every detail. You all have a ‘can do’ attitude, this is something your Dad & I have tried hard to install in you since you were born. It got me wondering why I had given up thinking this way for myself.

I hated the fact that Id adopted a ‘can’t do it’ attitude towards so many aspects of my own life. Realising this and deciding to change the way I view my own life & thinking, really has made such an incredible difference. You are my inspiration to be and do things that are much bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’m so grateful for having the chance to watch and study your innocence & simplicity.

This year you went from a baby to a toddler. Being our last baby, meant I wasn’t ready for this at all. It’s been really hard to let go of the fact you are no longer as reliant on me as you once were. Watching as you successfully climb the stairs to bed each night by yourself, escape out of the front door and run to the car just like your siblings each morning, watching you kick a ball back and forth in the garden with your Daddy, having you help your siblings and I prepare meals. Or enjoying basic conversations with you about the world around you. All of this reminds me of just how quickly you’re growing & how over the coming year you’re really going to become a little boy full of opinions & ideas of your own. And I can’t wait!

Have the best 3rd year of life my darling boy, I can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve. Forever my baby, little RAY. xxx