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Article: Why choose baby-safe bamboo for weaning?


Why choose baby-safe bamboo for weaning?

Bamboo plates and bowls have become popular choices for weaning babies and toddlers, not just because they make mealtime adventures look great, but because they’re a naturally safe choice for little ones, too. As parents, we want the very best for our weaning tots, so join us as we explore some of the top reasons why Bibado Bamboo tableware is the preferred choice of parents and baby feeding experts and nutritionists.

Why choose baby-safe bamboo for weaning?

Ten Reasons to Choose Bamboo

  1. Natural and Non-toxic: Unlike some weaning tableware options, Bibado Bamboo baby dishes do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, or other toxins that can leach into food, especially when heated.
  2. Temperature Resistant: Bamboo does not conduct heat as quickly as some other materials, meaning it's less likely to become too hot to the touch when filled with warm foods. This makes it safe for baby to handle as they explore and get curious at mealtimes.
  3. Durable: Bamboo is a robust and durable material. With proper care, bamboo plates and bowls can last for a long time, resisting cracks and breaks more effectively than some other options.
  4. Anti-microbial Properties: Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties, making it a safe and hygienic choice for young children. It won’t harbour germs, so gives parents complete peace of mind. There’s a good reason bamboo tableware has been used for centuries in Asia!
  5. Eco-friendly: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that multiplies quickly. Using bamboo plates and bowls lessens the impact of environmental waste and reduces reliance on hard plastics.
  6. Biodegradable: At the end of its lifespan, a bamboo plate or bowl can biodegrade, further reducing its environmental footprint.
  7. Supports Sensory Development: The unique texture of bamboo can be a pleasant sensory experience for babies and toddlers, helping with their tactile development. The smooth contours and rounded corners of Bibado Bamboo tableware are also designed to be kind to curious little mouths and gums.
  8. Super-Stylish: The natural, earthy look of bamboo tableware has become a firm fave with modern parents because it blends seamlessly with other kitchenware and provides a calming, neutral aesthetic. It can be less distracting, too, keeping mealtime adventurers focused on the tastes and textures in front of them.
  9. Less Noisy: Bamboo dishes tend to be quieter than metal or some hard plastics, especially when little ones are getting to grips with Handi Cutlery or scooping and dipping with the 2-in-1 Dippit baby weaning spoon.
  10. Economical: Over time, bamboo dishes can be cost-effective due to their longevity and durability.

Total Tableware: complete weaning solutions 

Bibado Bamboo tableware has been designed by our expert team in tandem with baby feeding experts to give your little one the best start to their weaning adventures. It might look stylish, but there’s serious substance behind those unique curves, slopes and clever design details.  Let’s explore!

Portion Control: Our bamboo divider plates guide portion sizes, ensuring baby gets a balanced meal without overfeeding. It's easier to gauge how much of each food group or type they consume.

Introducing Variety: Exposure to various foods is vital for nurturing adventurous little eaters and minimising picky eating. Handy compartments encourage a wide variety of food items in one meal, helping babies experience a range of textures, flavours, and nutrients. Need some weaning inspo? Check out our 50 First Foods Exploration Chart.

Shape-shifting design: see that oval shape in the bamboo plate and bowl? That’s no mistake. We’ve deliberately mirrored it across both tableware pieces to aid and optimise a wide range of scooping actions. In the bowl, the unique sloped sides and curves are to support those crucial motor skills, and to make handling porridges, purees and other fluid foods a cinch.

Improved Eating Habits: By exposing your growing child to a variety of foods in distinct sections, they can develop a habit of having a more varied and balanced diet as they grow older.

Food Separation: Some infants and toddlers are particular about their food touching or mixing. Divider plates can help reduce the anxiety or fussiness that might arise from mixed foods.

Minimise Mess: Making mess is an inescapable part of learning and development. That’s why we developed the Coverall Weaning Bib - to keep little ones covered, but to nurture curiosity by setting little ones free to enjoy food without limits. That said, as parents ourselves, we know you’d rather keep plates and bowls on the highchair or table. That’s why they come with medical-grade silicone suction to keep them rooted to the spot and to minimise that famous toddler Olympic event of plate tossing to a minimum. 

Teaching Tool: As your little one grows, Bibado Bamboo plates can act as a teaching tool, helping them identify and name different foods, and even learn about nutrition and balanced diets.

Motivation and Fun: The devil is in the detail, so we’ve added beautiful character engravings from our new Coverall designs to the bottom of our plates and bowls. 

Ready to give your weaning adventures a touch of Bibado mealtime magic? Browse our range of bamboo tableware now.

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