Here you will find 5 recipes perfect for babies new to Baby Led Weaning. These recipes are specifically designed for little ones to enjoy during their first days of food. Focusing on being easy to grasp & soft to break down using the gums. This isn't to say that the whole family can't tuck into these meals and enjoy them too. Eating together as a family with your little one comes with a whole range of benefits.

Fruit & Oat Bars

These oat bars are ideal for little hands to grip. Porridge can be rather difficult for little one's to self feed in the early days of weaning, making these a perfect way to offer your little one porridge in a way they can independently eat themselves. These little bars are super soft for their gums to break down easily when eating. They're an ideal breakfast bake if you're on the move, you can switch up the fruit to suit your little ones tastes. Being suitable for freezing means they're great for making in advance and stashing away.

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Zucchini Patta Cakes

A great little finger food for weaning hands. These are super easy to make & are oven baked. They can be enjoyed either hot or cold making them perfect for lunching & snacking. You can switch the zucchini for carrots instead for an alternative version. They're also suitable for home freezing meaning you can whip up a batch when you have a free moment, then simply pull them out for your babies mealtime & reheat.

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Swirly Whirly Pancake Rolls

These may not look ideal for weaning hands, however before cutting these into small pieces for an older sibling, these are perfect finger shaped rolls. Making them an ideal breakfast for baby led weaning beginners to grasp and enjoy. These delicious Swirly Whirly Pancake Rolls are certainly one to catch your little ones eye. There are so many variations of these you can whip up in either sweet or savoury options. Ideal if you're looking for something easy to serve for a variety of taste buds within your family.

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Broccoli & Lentil Bites

A yummy lunchtime finger food packed with lots of goodness and nutrients for growing little ones. These little bites are perfect for small hands with a soft centre, making them easy for your babies gums to break down. Suitable for home freezing means you can always have a batch of these ready for your little one to enjoy. Serve with veggies sticks and fruit for a delicious Baby Led Weaning beginners lunch. Fussy toddlers also love to enjoy these with a little dip on the side too.

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Salmon Fishcakes

A tasty dinner time favourite with the whole family, from grown ups, to fussy eaters and those new to the World of food, everyone will enjoy tucking into these together. Packed with nutrients and easy to make I'm certain these will end up being a regular mealtime recipe. If you prefer, you can shape your babies fishcakes into little finger shape fishcakes, to make them easier for your little one to grasp.

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