If you're beginning to prepare to start Weaning your baby soon, then this list of Weaning Essentials will help to make life with a weaning baby just that little bit easier. Here you'll find lots of Weaning Ideas for a smooth transition into the World of Food.

When starting weaning with your baby, it can all feel a little overwhelming right? Getting your head around which method to wean your baby, when to begin and what you need to purchase can bog you down. We as parents ourselves have put our heads together and come up with a list of things we think are essential to start your weaning journey.

First of all it’s really important to read up on the different weaning methods and choose one based on what you feel is best for you and your baby.

Weaning, no matter what method you decide to follow, must only begin once your little one has reached 6 months of age and can sit unaided. The reason for this is due their digestive system not being developed enough before this age and the risk of choking is extremely high in a baby who cannot yet sit up by themselves.

There’s really not an awful lot of items required to start BLW, so here’s a small list of items we think are essential helping to make this stage of the baby years a little easier.

The Ikea Antilop Highchair – Easy to clean, compact and inexpensive. Does exactly what you’ll need for weaning your baby.

A crinkle Knife – These can be purchased from most Kitchen Utensil aisles. Used for cutting softer fruits and vegetables giving them a ridge which makes it easier for your baby to grasp.

Measuring Cups – These are a huge time saver when it comes to making foods for your little ones. Measuring out ingredients can be a slow process but this way of measuring really speeds things up, especially when time is against you.

Silicone Mini Muffin Tray – Homemade muffins in themselves are a great first food for your baby, there are so many sweet & savoury options to pick from. They’re also a great freezer stash bake. Using a silicone Mini Muffin tray not only makes muffins that are the perfect size for your baby, but they pop out of the silicone moulds so much easier than any other muffin tray.

NOM NOM Kids Reusable Pouches & Snack Bags – I always have plenty of these to hand so I can make up little muffins, pancakes etc. and pop them in these snack bags for on the move & storing in the freezer. Freezing muffins etc means during busy times I’ve always got something homemade and suitable for my baby, to hand. Particularly as lots of us return to work around a similar time to our babies starting weaning. Nom Nom Kids Pouches are super handy for offering your little one yogurts and smoothies in a way they can easily feed themselves, before mastering Cutlery. For your own Nom Nom Pouches, click here.

Baby Cups – I’ve been using these since I weaned Ewan, these are the perfect size cup for little hands. They introduce babies to open top cups in way that is easy for them to hold and manage independently. These have massively helped Ewan & Roo to be able to quickly transition to a toddler size open top cup. They are also the only way Roo would except expressed breast milk when I returned to work, after every other form of bottle & beaker failed. Take a look at Baby Cups here.

Spiralizer - This is an ideal tool to turn foods like carrots, butternut squash, courgette etc. into a yummy alternative to Noodles/Spaghetti, makes the veggies easy to grip for Starters and later down the line makes them appealing to fussy eaters.

Mini Shape Cutters – I often use mini shape cutters to cut up my baby’s sandwiches, fruits, veggies, pancakes etc. to make them the ideal size and shape for their little hands. It also makes them much more appealing.

Baking Parchment – This might sound like a strange essential to BLW. But with all the finger foods you’ll be baking for your baby, this is a must. It’s something I always used to think I could live with out, but now I use it for every dish I make. I lay this in my cake tins & on my baking trays and It saves me so much washing up time, because none of the foods get stuck to anything. It does also mean that foods don’t get stuck to your dishes.

Easy Mat – This is the ideal way to introduce a plate to your baby. This suction mat not only comes complete with 3 sections, meaning you can serve all your child’s meal at one time, it covers the entire tray, paired with the Bibado bib, it will offer you complete highchair coverage. To get your Easy Mat, click here.

Lastly of course is a Bibado Bib, which we feel is not just essential but the top must have for weaning your baby. The early days of weaning can be very messy, having a bib that catches all of that mess is priceless.