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What Parents Are Saying

“The fabric is so light so I know baby can breathe easy under it. It was so easy to wash as well and dried really fast”

Erin & Levi

"One of the main challenges we have is Henry throwing cutlery on the floor. He usually does it once he is finished but it is frustrating and creates a mess. I love that he can’t throw the attached cutlery."

Anna & Jacob

Best thing I have ever bought for my baby’s weaning journey. I hate to clean the mess around the highchair.....this bib is a life saving, especially if your LO wants to feed himself, or even BLW....all the mess is collected in the bib, no mess around and no more dirty clothes. I absolutely love it! Thank you Bibado for such an amazing invention!

Hannah & Marc

EasyTots showcases a range of innovative weaning products designed by St Helens mum of 2, Helen Davies. Set up in 2016 and inspired by her own daughter, EasyTots is renowned for bringing the concept of baby suction plates to the UK market.

EasyTots most esteemed invention is the world’s first compact and foldable suction plate, The EasyMat Mini, which is suitable for use at home and when travelling, due to its folding sides lid and carry case. The EasyMat Mini was the 2019 ‘Made For Mums’ gold award winner  for ‘Best Weaning Product’.

EasyTots™ products have been hailed by thousands of parents and recommended by UK baby led weaning experts. EasyTots products help to encourage independent self-feeding from the very beginning, as early as six months right up to age of three. The EasyMat™ suction plate range is designed to reduce mess, as unlike traditional bowls, plates or mats, these innovative happy-face plates come with an integrated mat that features corner suction pads. This means that they stick to all surfaces (except unfinished wood) and cannot be tossed to one side – resulting in better concentration on food, less mess and less waste.

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