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Article: Baby's First Easter Box

Baby's First Easter Box

Creating a first Easter box for your baby or toddler can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate their first Easter and a healthy diversion from the hazardous little eggs that you’ll want to steer clear of. 


Baby's First Easter Box
Here are some tips for making a special Easter box for your little one...

1. Start by selecting a container for the Easter box but be sure to make sure it’s safe and don’t leave baby unattended with it. You could use a traditional basket or a sturdy gift box to pique their curiosity. You can decorate the container with Easter-themed stickers or ribbons to add a personal touch but make sure nothing could come loose and present a choking hazard.

2. Choose items that are safe and age-appropriate for your baby. Include soft plush toys, teething rings, board books, and sensory toys.Our award-winning Dotty the Dinosaur Multi Sensory teether is perfect …We would also recommend Tomy’s Hide & Squeak eggs which are a great Easter-themed sensory toy.

3. Add some Easter-themed items to the box, like a cuddly bunny or chick toy, a soft blanket with an Easter print, or a bib or onesie with an Easter design. Our short-sleeved Duckling’s Pool party Coverall is perfect for your little chicks and will protect their clothes underneath for mealtimes and messy play.

4. Include practical items that your baby might need, like dummies, dribble bibs or baby wipes. They’ll still enjoy exploring what’s in the box with you and at least you’ll use the items. You could also include a special first Easter outfit for your baby to wear.

5. Why not include a book that you can bond over at bedtime?  They’ll love our interactive Weaning Books - Mmm I'm Hungry and Oooh That's New. They're designed to encourage a positive relationship with first foods, only with a whole host of characters and comical noises to help them discover and get adventurous with new tastes and textures. Add some special treats for your little bunnies like some carrot puffs or a teething biscuit. Avoid mini eggs and small Easter confectionery as these can present a choking hazard (see our blog on healthy Easter treats)

6. Finally, consider adding a personal touch to the box, like a handwritten note or a special keepsake item. You could also include some photos of your baby's first Easter to make it even more special!

Creating a first Easter box for your baby is a great way to celebrate this special occasion and create lasting memories. With these tips, you can create a special box that your baby will treasure for years to come. Don’t forget to share your creations with us by tagging us at #bibado

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