As a first time mum to my identical twin girls, my life was very busy. Even with my former career in healthcare, nothing really prepares you the responsibility, exhaustion and organisation of being in charge of two beautiful tiny humans who you love more than anything else in the world.

Life was busy, stressful and amazing all at the same amount. During those early months there is so much going on that before I knew it, my daughters got to the age of weaning and mealtimes, I was astonished with the mess they managed to create even with a bowl of pureed carrot!

They managed to cover themselves, their clothes, the highchair, and the floor with an extraordinary amount of mess! I have to say I was thrilled that were enjoying their meals ( which for some parents is a whole different battle) and the smiles on their faces was amazing, BUT cleaning up after it was a mammoth task which I was repeating three times a day.

Cleaning up after them often took me 20- 30 minutes after each meal due to the fact there were two of them who needed wiping down. Their tops and trousers would regularly need changing as the food had been squashed into the highchair seat, sat on, rubbed all over their arms and been spilled down their fronts.

I found that the existing bibs on the market were often too big for my very teeny babies and were stiff and uncomfortable to wear. They girls would often pull them off and try to get out of them at any opportunity. Which resulted in even more mess.

I was lying in bed one evening and I remember very vividly the solution to the problem, I am not sure whether it was exhaustion or inspiration but I certainly had that light bulb moment. Creating a full coverage bib that attached to the high chair in order to prevent food being dropped into the lap altogether.

The next day I chopped up an old umbrella and created my first ever prototype and with the help of my mum we named it the Bibado Coverall. It worked instantly and I knew I had created something that could help millions of parents all over the world.

What astonished me was the fact that as well as having clean children after a meal, I also had a clean high chair and a clean floor. Clean up after meals literally took a few minutes and not the 30 minutes like it has taken me previously. Wow!

We have subsequently developed the Bibado Coverall to give you what we believe is the best coverall bib that can be made. We have tried to think of every way for it to make your lives easier.

- a soft waterproof comfy fabric which is machine washable and can be tumble dried.

- bright fun patterns which kids will love.

- designed to grow with your child from 6 months to over 2 years and beyond.

- close fitting cuffs to stop food seeping up their sleeves.

- adjustable poppered sleeves so you don't need to roll them up ( keeping that great seal!).

- unique gripping attachment to fix it onto any highchair or table end.

- handy internal pocket for storage so great for mealtimes when you are out and about.

We take the safety of all BiBADO products very seriously and we comply with EN71 and reach safety regulations in all the markets that we sell to.

Take a look at our website to see how we can make your life easier.

Rachel x