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    Over the Rainbow
    Speedy Dinos
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    Oceans of Fun
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    Teddy Bears Bike Ride
    Cosmic Companions
    Desert Hide and Seek

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Bibado Coverall Weaning Bibs are already loved by 1 in 6 parents in the UK. These pretty-yet-practical products are a must-have for parents and little ones starting on their adventures with food. Using our cleverly designed weaning bibs, introducing your baby to eating for the first time will be both mess-free and stress-free! Our bibs are available as a short-sleeved coverall for babies who like to explore without the restriction of sleeves, or our original long-sleeved bib design for maximum mess protection. We all know that babies learn and develop best through a curious exploration of their you and your baby can discover new tastes and textures in comfort, while remaining clean and dry.

5 Reasons To Love Our Coverall Weaning Bibs:

Save time cleaning up: Parents can save on average 30mins a day on the cleanup thanks to our unique new easy-wipe lightweight fabric. Bibado's 100% waterproof Coverall Weaning Bib easily wipes clean after the messiest of meals and dries quickly, ready for round 2. It's also machine washable at 40 degrees and is resistant to stains – including spaghetti bolognese!

Long-lasting and versatile: Our Coverall Weaning Bib is perfectly sized for babies from 6months to 3 years, by which time you'll probably be using it for messy play too. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality weaning bibs designed to withstand daily use and frequent washing, but if you experience any problems our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist.

Use with any highchair: Thanks to its clever adjustable strap, the Coverall Bib can be used on most highchairs, including those with wide or large trays, covering the gap between your little one and the tray – catching all the mess! It also works brilliantly with most pushchairs or directly onto a table.

Comfortable and stylish: Bibado Coverall Bibs are lovingly crafted with soft Velcro fasteners, adjustable neck and sleeves and generous cuffs. They are available in short or long-sleeved designs, so if your little one prefers to explore with their arms free, they can still do so while staying clean. There's something to suit every baby with six fabulous designs to choose.

Compatible with Handi Cutlery: Our handy weaning cutlery is compatible with the Coverall Weaning Bib, helping your little one explore food and learn to use cutlery. Simply attach it to the bib, and the unique 'no drop' straps mean no more picking up spoons and forks from the floor for you, or frustration for them.

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