FREE downloadable family weaning cookbook and meal-planner "Mayhem Mealtimes Managed"

New ideas for healthy meals

As parents of weaning-age children ourselves, we get how hard it is to constantly come up with new ideas for healthy, tasty quick & easy, affordable meals to cook for your family. We also understand the challenge of making one meal that is suitable for the whole family. So we've teamed up with Zoe from Meals For Mini Mouths and Christina from Kai Led Weaning to bring you enough meal ideas to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire month!

  • 90+ meal ideas with full recipes and pictures
  • Cooking and prep times included
  • All made by busy mums to make family mealtimes easier!
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Zoe and Christina are two of the most popular weaning influencers on social media and have chosen their audiences favourite meals to bring together into this one cookbook and meal planner. All of their recipes are favourites in their own households - including Roo and Kai (both age 1) and of thousands of other parents and their families around the world!

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas
  • From Healthy Ramen Noodles and Creamy Chicken Cobbler to Slow Cooker Butter Chicken & Baby Burritos
  • Includes serving suggestions for babies just starting on solid foods
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Inside you'll also find 3 different meal planners - one blank for you to print out and fill in as you like, and 2 completed weeks with a mix of recipes from Christina and Zoe to help get you started. We have also highlighted our "budget" meals which will feed a family of 4 / 5 for under £7!

  • Help organise your weeks meals with our downloadable meal plans
  • Never get stuck for what to cook the family again!
  • Includes dairy free, nut free, gluten free and vegan recipes!
Recipe book sample page