"No more scrubbing high chairs or Bolognese-stained trousers, hurrah!"

Whinge Whine Wine

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"If you are interested in purchasing a BIBaDO bib...trust me, you will be thankful that you did!"

Cuddles And Coos

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"To avoid buying shares in Vanish stain remover it’s well worth £20 in my book!"

Back With a Bump

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"We got this bib for Lily about a month ago and it has been a game changer for meal time! We were tired of having to change Lily’s clothes after every meal and now we don’t have to! She stays completely clean". 


"We love our Bibado! It makes mealtime a thousand times easier when it comes to the cleanup! My little guy is just starting purées and I was starting to dread feeding him because I would have to change his outfit afterwards—which isn’t fun to do 3 times a day! Now I simply slip off the Bibado and his clothes are completely clean and dry underneath! Seriously the best invention when it comes to bibs and feeding! This is the only bib I need going forward! Wish I had known about it sooner! We highly recommend this product! It’s absolutely worth the money! I will be buying more of these as shower gifts for expecting friends!"


"It’s so easy to put on my daughter and worked so well on the restaurant high chair! I just wiped it down with a baby wipe when she was done eating! So easy and nothing got on her clothes at all! I’m considering buying a second one just so I can leave one in the diaper bag and one at home! This is a must for BLW!!"


"Having tested it out tonight myself and hubby are so impressed!! We relaxed and enjoyed lasagne whilst little man went to town on his ! No mess at all on our floor which we have never had having tested many bibs now.
Its great quality!
I love that the cuffs are tight round their wrist as many bibs let food go down and we have lots of stained cuffs. We have baby led weaned from the beginning as for us it was right and Jonah took to it so well. He gets very messy everytime but we persevered. This product is so good for keeping the mess to a minimum! I cant wait to take it out now. And the greatest moment...rolling the bib back to a pristine seat and tray! A quick rinse off in the sink for the BIBaDO...Love it! "


 "Your bib has answered my prayers! Where would I be without it. Dolly refuses to be fed by anyone other than herself so recently we have been washing her entire outfit after every meal (sigh) as I couldn't get the cloth bibs through the tumble dryer quick enough...but not anymore. We use it for every meal time and it stays attached to the high chair after I've washed it so it's all ready to go. In a word...GENIUS!" 


"Only had our Bibado a few days but already used it for every meal time. The Velcro on the neck is sturdy and holds well (my little one has become quite adept at removing bibs)
It really does wipe clean easily. Its great that it fold up into its own little pocket. I have a draw full of other bibs that are washable and I would often be hunting for a bib when they were all in the wash as they were pretty much one use then need a wash. Plus our high chair doesn't need cleaning after every meal, just the tray. We're taking it for its first pub dinner outing today. Thank you Bibado!!!