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The Award Winning Baby Coverall Weaning Bib by BiBADO

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The Award-Winning Baby Coverall Weaning Bib by BiBADO

Introducing the BiBADO Coverall bib – a must-have for weaning babies

Our all-new long sleeved coverall bib features extra-soft waterproof material and a clever design to ensure your baby or toddler is always comfy at mealtimes and their clothes remain clean, dry and stain-free. Weaning your baby is a wonderful period, but it’s not without its downsides. Food down the clean clothes you’ve just got out of the drawer, food down the sides of the highchair, food down the joints and crevices of the highchair, food down on the floor and getting into carpet fibres & food down the dog’s gullet.

Every parent & baby deserves a BIBaDO coverall bib

The new BIBaDO coverall bib has been especially designed to make life much easier for parents – from baby-led weaning all the way to your toddler successfully feeding herself or himself. As any new parent will testify, all the words in the world won’t fully prepare you for each stage in a baby's development; you have to live it to appreciate the wonders and tribulations. And while popping your youngster in a highchair for the first time is a milestone moment, baby weaning marks the start of some seriously messy mealtimes. Without a well-made coverall bib for highchairs, your floor and your baby’s clothes will receive more food than your baby. That’s frustrating, time-consuming and, frankly, expensive over time.

We know this all too well, because we’d tried all sorts of feeding bibs before we created our first coverall bib. None of them cut the mustard, let alone caught all the food. The BIBaDO feeding bib changes everything. It’s lightweight, stain-resistant and waterproof, so it’s the ideal smock for every mealtime. We’ve increased the softness of the wipeable fabric, too, making it more comfortable for babies and with none of that distracting, noisy, tactile scrunchy creakiness of typical waterproof bibs. It’s also much gentler on the neck than a plastic bib, of course. BIBaDO feeding bibs are also designed to last years – from that very first highchair feed to the time they start eating like a grown-up. 

Anyone who’s weaned a baby knows that years of clearing up mess from the floor await, unless you have a dog to make the most of all that spilt food… And while nobody can eliminate all dropped food when there’s an excitable youngster in the house, this coverall bib catches the vast majority.

Benefits of highchair coverall bibs.

Our customers tell us they save up to 30 minutes a day on cleaning up spilt food. And that’s just with one baby; if you’re lucky enough to have twins, triplets or even more, you’ll save even more time. It isn’t just time-saving on cleaning up mess, either; you’ll keep your baby’s clothes clean, so that’s fewer washing machine runs and less electricity used, and much less time, effort and wipes used on cleaning the highchair.

Weaning Bib features

  • Adjustable neck with baby-soft Velcro fastening, suitable for babies from 6 months and up
  • Long sleeves with unique length adjustability, thanks to poppers on the sleeves and elasticated cuffs
  • Adjustable Velcro highchair attachment – this bib will work with all leading highchair designs and many more
  • Hard-wearing, soft-to-the-touch waterproof, stain-resistant and machine-washable material
  • Folds into an internal pocket – so it’s easy to pop in the changing bag to take to friends’ houses, restaurants and anywhere your baby needs a feed.

How your coverall bib works

It really couldn’t be simpler. Drape your weaning bib over the shoulders, arms and the part of the tray nearest the baby, then run the Velcro straps underneath the tray to meet in the middle. When it’s time to feed your little one, simply push the bib away from the chair and towards the tray. Place your baby safely in the highchair and ease each of the baby’s arms into the sleeves. Fasten the bib around your child’s neck and ensure the sides of the bib are securely stretched over the sides of the highchair. The ‘well’ the bib creates between baby and highchair tray means much less mess – and much less food wasted!

Bib care instructions:

  • Machine wash at 30°C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • PU-coated polyester
  • Available colours: Ocean blue, blossom pink or sunshine yellow stripes, with watermelon print.

Coverall bib safety recommendations

Remember: children should never be left unattended in their highchair, regardless of weaning method. They must always be harnessed correctly according to the safety instructions of your highchair. BIBaDO is a smock, not a restraint – it catches food, not babies!

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of making sure that the products our children use are baby-safe. We have made sure from day one that BIBaDO complies with the most stringent international safety standards for baby weaning products. BIBaDO has passed international safety testing for the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and is free from BPA, phthalates and azo-dyes. If you have any questions about the safety testing BIBaDO has been through, please get in touch.