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Mealtime adventures are better with Bibado! Let our award-winning products make a difference to your weaning journey.

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How it works

How BIBaDO works
BIBaDO fits onto any high chair. Take a look at our video to see just how easy it is!

1. Place your child in their high chair and fasten their high chair safety harness.

2. Put the BIBaDO on by fastening the red Velcro tabs around your child's neck in a secure, comfortable position.

3. Ensure the bib covers all gaps between the tray and the chair or extends fully over the chair if you have no tray.​

4. Create a 'well' in the bib to catch any spillages.

5. Attach the black Velcro tabs together underneath the tray component OR seat component of your high chair. The four adjustable Velcro tabs allow the straps to be adjusted to be long or short enough to fit any high chair. Your BIBaDO is now safe for use.

To Remove
Unfasten your BIBaDO at the red neck, and black Velcro tabs. Remove the BIBaDO from your child. Form a bag using the edges of the bib and carry to the sink to deposit any spilt food. Wipe clean.

Your BIBaDO is quick drying so should be ready for the next meal.